Photovoltaic systems, based on the properties of materials, transforms the radiant solar Energy into electric Energy. This transformation process occurs in the semiconductor element named photovoltaic cell. These cells are formed by different layers of silica. When the photons from the sunlight collide against the silica atoms, an electron with an electric charge is released, generating the electric current. These can be isolated systems, wired systems or of “self-consumption”. ​

The main components of this kind of installations are:

  • Structures or supporters
  • Solar panels
  • Inverters

​The most common incidents are ones originated by adverse climate conditions. A proper management and maintenance are important to ensure the efficiency of the installation and prevent decrease in performance.


Specific services


  • Predictive inspections.
  • Specific inspections of main components (Thermography, grid analysis, etc).
  • Legal expertise.
  • Management of incidents and machinery breakdown.
  • Energy asset management, including associate service contracts.
  • Cause Analysis Reports (RCA).
  • Economic and Profitability Analysis.
  • Estimate in lost production.
  • Environmental analysis (environmental assessments, environmental impact, flora and fauna, etc.).