Eolic Energy is the efficient use of air masses generated by changes in the pressure and temperature in the atmosphere. Wind turbines are machines that use the wind and transforms its kinetic energy into electric energy.

The tendency in the last years is the search for sites with more wind resources and less visual impact​, hence the wind turbines are more powerful and stronger, up to 8MW, and installations in the sea (off-shore) are therefore increasing. ​

The main components of a wind turbine are: ​


  • Tower
  • Blades
  • Generator
  • Gearbox

Other critical elements exist as well, such as transformers, converters, control systems, pitch systems, refrigerators, etc.


The most common incidents in wind farms are originated by adverse climate conditions, external agents or failures in machinery, being originated by different motives.


Specific services


  • Predictive generator inspections
  • Specific inspections of main components (blades, generator, gearbox, …)
  • Inspections on general conditions and incident evaluations.
  • Legal expertise.
  • Management of incidents and machinery breakdown.
  • Energy assets management, including associate service contracts.
  • Cause Analysis Reports (RCA).
  • Economic and Profitability Analysis.
  • Estimate in lost production.
  • Environmental analysis (environmental assessments, environmental impact, flora and fauna, etc.).