The combustible gas combined with pressured air produces a combustion which makes the gas turbine rotate. The heat from the combustion transforms water into vapour, which will be reconducted to the vapour turbine. This mechanical energy produced from both turbines passes through the generator and is transformed into electric energy. ​

The main components of a combined cycle are: ​

  • Compressor
  • Combustion chamber
  • Gas turbine
  • Heat recovery boiler
  • Vapour turbine
  • Generator

By the use of gas, the emissions of CO2 can be reduced to half in relation to kWh produced, compared to a conventional coal plant.

Specific Services


  • Predictive inspections
  • Specific inspections of main components
  • Inspections on general conditions and incident evaluations.
  • Legal expertise.
  • Management of incidents and machinery breakdown.
  • Energy assets management, including associate service contracts.
  • Cause Analysis Reports (RCA).
  • Economic and Profitability Analysis.
  • Estimate in lost production.
  • Environmental analysis (environmental assessments, environmental impact, flora and fauna, etc.).